DIY Halloween Ideas

Dressing up your tiny tot for Halloween can be a blast. It can also be expensive. So why not get a bang for your buck and get double the use! We've curated a list of easy-to-do Halloween costumes that require little to no add-ons and will make for adorable outfits even after October 31st!
1. Madeline
Everyone's favorite little seven year old who living in Paris! 
What you'll need: 
And c'est fini!
2. Lady Bug 
The cutest of bugs! 
What you'll need:
A pair of craft scissors (don't worry we have a link for those to)
Red Mary Janes (For baby sister, we'd do these)
Two tiny/mini bows (we think this looks cutest with high pig tails and also double as their antennas!)
Optional: wings and antenna headband (we don't think this is necessary to complete the look but would still make for a darling add on!) 
You'll bug over this completed look! 
3. Farmer
It's crop watching season! 
What you'll need:
Tan or Blue Overalls (for infant)
Khaki Slim Fit Pants (for toddler)
Plaid Button Down (a Peter Pan top will work better for baby sizes!) 
Saddle up for how many compliments this one will get! 
And while these last two may not be everyday wear, they'll want to wear them every day! Perfect for dress-up playdates around the house, these are easy options to turn into household fun! 
4. Fairy Princess
Combine her two favorite things! 
What you'll need: 
A Tiara...duh!
Glitter - a fairy is incomplete without it!
An outfit fit for royalty! 
5. Dragon 
He can be the dragon this year and knight-in-shining honor next year!
Our reversible dragon cape (so they can be a knight next year!) 
Optional (but fun): dragon tattoos to share with friends! 
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