Valentine Fun From Your Little Love!

I love that Elle has started reading and writing- it means that we can get even more creative with art, crafts, and the like.  No more store bought valentines for this girl- she loves art so much that it was time to make personalized cards!  I assembled a fun little craft project I think you're going to love.  We even put together a how-to reel here!

First, let's talk about how I organize the copious amount of art supplies we own with a creative child.  We use this cart and store it in our coat closet- every drawer is labeled so she knows where to put things back when she is done!  And while we are on the topic of labeling, this label maker is an Ellifox household essential as is this case and these bags for organizing all the small pieces like jewels, glue sticks, stickers, each labeled for organization.

I've linked everything you need to grab in this post to make things easier for you to shop!  You might also want to pick up some of these scented pens or markers to add a little extra fun to the cards!

First, you'll take your construction paper (if you really want to push it over the top, these are a fun alternative!) and paper punches to punch out the different colors to make your collage!  Elle chose hearts (for obvious reasons).

Next, take out a piece of card stock and fold it in half.  Then, choose a pair of scissors to give it a fancy edge!  Then, time to start arranging your collage!  Take the paper punches and a glue stick and start placing them.  We wrote a name on the outside and then a message inside- I love that this project let her be creative with art, practice her writing skills, and practice scissor skills.  End result?  Home run- a valentine from their heart and a fun activity that also involves exercising their brains!

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