Introducing our BUNDLES... YOUR way! 
That's right! We're giving you an amazing opportunity to save BIG aaand BUILD their wardrobe with the pieces YOU want! 
Each bundle can be made from the designated size groups under 'Boy' 'Girl' and 'BIGS' bundles menu items. 
All you have to do is:
  1. select the size you want to bundle (ie. 0-6M Girl) 
  2. pick (at least) 3 items out and add them to cart - we've tried to give some leeway with sizing options so you're able to size up for future months!  
  3. once added to cart, apply the designated code at the top of the collection page to the discounts section at checkout! 
  4. that's it! you've just saved yourself 60% off some awesome styles! 

    What you can't do: 

  • mix sizing groups for the same discount code! your discount code only works for the bundle size group you are shopping! 
  • use more than one discount code in one checkout! we suggest checking out separately if you'd like to shop bundles for multiple children or size ranges. 
  • return/exchange items from these bundles. in order to offer 60% off these styles, we have to be strict with this policy - we thank you for your understanding! 



If I do multiple bundle orders, can you just ship them together and refund me shipping?

While we pride ourselves on sometimes being faster at shipping than Amazon, we unfortunately do not have the bandwidth to consolidate multiple open bundle orders. When you place a bundle order, some of the items may be coming from a separate warehouse and it can become slight logistical chaos to try and track separate orders to ship together. We know it's a pain to pay shipping more than once, but your local small business thanks you so so much for your understanding! 

Can I do local pick up?

Our local pick up feature is code based so unfortunately you won't be able to add the code "LOCAL" to a bundle cart as it interferes with your discount. Additionally, with many of this inventory being housed in another location, it is most feasible for our staff to ship direct to your doorstep! Don't worry, if you're local, more often than not your order is with you within 2 days! 

I have two bundles in my cart... why isn't my code working?

Each code is size bundle based. You are not able to do 2 pieces from one collection and 3 pieces from another. We suggest making two separate purchases if you plan to shop more than one bundle or size range so that you can fully take advantage of your savings!