boheme small triangle clicker charm in 18k gold
boheme small triangle clicker charm in 18k gold
boheme small triangle clicker charm in 18k gold

boheme small triangle clicker charm in 18k gold

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The Boheme Triangle Clicker Charm Holder is rich in history and layered meanings.

Pointed downward, it is a celebration of the sacred feminine, and the gentle & nurturing energy of the moon, while an upward triangle represents masculine energy, and the strength of the sun. 

A triangle pointing down is also the ancient alchemy symbol for water, and up is for fire, both of which are part of the magic required to transform gold ore into precious jewels for you.

Together with alchemy, astrology uses the triangle to depict the 4 elements of water, fire, air, and earth that affect all signs.

The 3 sides also stand for the concept of trinity, holy for some, or speaking of the balance needed to be whole between body, mind, and soul; past, present, and future; or thoughts, emotions, and actions.

As always with her talismans, Delphine encourages you to take the meanings that resonates with you, and leave the rest. It's also a functional piece, and beautiful in and of itself.

It is designed to hold two to four of your favorite charms together, but safe to hold as many as you wish to comfortably carry around your neck. Just open the Clicker Ring by gently pushing the arm in, slide on your favorite charms, add one of our beaded or fine metal hooped open chains and close the ring by gently pushing the arm up to meet the frame, as if it were a front facing clasp -- well, it's exactly what it is! That clicker sound when you snap it shut is so satisfying. 

Cast in 18k recycled gold, this charm holder is 18mm wide, and can be worn with the smooth or beaded side facing out.

Available in recycled 18k yellow, rose and white gold, and other gold hues upon request.

Assorted charms & chains sold separately

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