fairy hair appointment (locals only!)
fairy hair appointment (locals only!)

fairy hair appointment (locals only!)

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Achieve the ultimate fairy hair at Ellifox! 
We are now offering tinsel and glister sittings at our Savannah Highway shop. 

An exciting birthday outing for your littles or for you (fun for bachelorette parties!)

Booking for multiple kids or adults? Make sure to set separate appointments for each person so we are able to squeeze everyone! 

While we do accept drop-in sittings, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to make an appointment so we are able to guarantee your sitting. 

These appointments are non-refundable BUT they are transferrable for a 2 week period  so please contact info@ellifox.com to reschedule if you are unable to make your appointment. 

Must be local to take advantage of this offering. Tinsel longevity varies per person but can last up to 8 weeks if appropriately maintained (no yanking, pulling or tugging!)

you will not be charged for shipping for this item. 

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