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reading made easy

reading made easy

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For kids of all ages who want to learn to read and write -- and have fun while learning!

  • Reading Made Easy is packed with hundreds of colorful activities.
  • Combining sight words and phonics, this workbook will help children learn to recognize frequently used words that make up nearly half of most children's books!
  • The foundation provided here will then make learning other words much easier.
  • Workbook is lively, colorful, and entertaining.
  • Word lists and sight words provide practice while colorfully illustrated short reading passages build reading fluency.
  • Engaging activities reinforce reading skills in a way that makes learning fun.
  • Perfect for home, school, summer breaks, and travel.
  • Full color throughout.
  • Pages are perforated and reproducible.
  • Thick, high-quality paper.
  • Sturdy paperback binding.
  • Grades K-2.
  • 96 pages.

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