Tikiri Chicken Toy

Tikiri Chicken Toy

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Ellifox cannot get enough of Tikiri's sweet zoo toys.  Made out of natural rubber (a resource that is biodegradable, durable, and 100% eco-friendly), you can rest assured that your little fox is playing with an ethically sourced and healthy toy.  These are perfect to tie on the outside of a gift, include in a stocking or easter basket, and use in the bath as well as on the go!

 Born in Sri Lanka, Tikiri is a brand whose products are based on the well-being of children and toddlers. Their toys are designed to meet children’s physical and emotional development and are made with ethically sustainable production and eco-friendly, durable materials like cotton or natural rubber.

As part of Tikiri's core values, all of their products are ethically sourced, so that they can be sure to leave a healthier world to future generations.

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