Gifts for the Sparkle Lover

We love glitter.  Sparkle.  Shine.  Of any kind.  It automatically makes us smile and lifts our spirit.  And we've got everything you need to make your little shimmer-lover glimmer!

Let's start with glister- this aloe based glitter stays on until you're ready for it to come off- simply use a paper towel and water.  It's fun in hair also- just brush it out when you're done sparkling for the day and it's like it was never there to begin with!  Glister is perfect for stocking stuffers but we recommend this color for fun all throughout the holidays!  We use this as a treat when someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and needs a little mood boost, a reward, and a few parents have even used it for potty training!

Ornaments are perfect for gifting- every year they hang them they will think of you!  Our selection of glitter ornaments is sparkle city!

Do you have a creator on your hands?!  We have all sorts of sparkly activities to keep them busy!  

How about some sparkly costumes?!  We love it when kids want to use their imagination!  We have the cutest glitter shoes in stock to complete the "look"!  Dress-up can't be complete without some sparkly jewels and makeup don't forget to polish off nails with some sparkly nontoxic 7 nail polish.


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