Owning a small business is not for the faint of heart.

It is quite literally a roller coaster.  The highs are high but the lows can be...low.  Especially if you're in any type of creative business.  It's easy to get "stuck".  How do I find my way out of it?  With a little help from my friends.  Meaning other women who own their own businesses and understand the challenges and can "see" a solution.

We all have "advertising" and "marketing" dollars we allocate for our businesses.  So, we could write checks to the bank of facebook OR we could use those dollars to reward YOU - the customers who have supported our businesses all along.

How did you find out about that new restaurant that you now love?  A friend told you it was delicious.  Why did you read that book you just finished?  Your sister told you it was a must-read.  Why did you buy that sweater?  Because your cousin told you you'd love it.  EVERYONE is an influencer in one way, shape, or form.  And what's one way to build a business?  Enlisting people to help spread the word.  And we want to reward you for it!

8 prizes.  8 winners.  You spoke, we listened.  Instead of one winner takes all, we are spreading the fun.  So, here's your lineup!

When my friend Guilds from Mimi Seabrook texted me with an idea to do "something" for Small Business Saturday, I immediately said yes.  We have known each other forever and I love her style.  And I know a lot of you do too!  The lovely ladies of Mimi Seabrook know how to make an entertaining reel and bring you accessible fashion with pieces that will become closet staples.  They are giving away a dyson flat iron (I was trying to hold out until Christmas to ask Santa for one- that notion went out the window when I tried it and fell in love- it straightens without flattening your hair!) which retails for $499.  Mimi Seabrook is ALSO giving away $100 gift cards for every month of 2022, which means that winner will be able to shop every single month the whole year! 

I fell in love with Kate and Encirkled Jewelry when I found her through an instagram hashtag (it involved jewels, I have no shame). Her gemstone strands are hand-knotted on silk and absolutely stunning- the color combos she creates are just amazing.  But my favorite part is stacking- they go so well with any other necklace you could ever wear, and I wear both alone AND with charms dangling from the clasp- whatever suits my mood that day!  She makes entertaining reels and is crushing it with her beautiful pieces (so much so that celebrities are buying them.  I'm not going to name names but let's just say you would DEFINITELY know at least one).  One lucky winner will walk away with one of her rainbow strands (worth over $1000!)

My friend Leah owns Mosaic Clothing and I try to avoid her site at all costs.  Mostly because I want all of it, all the time.  Like her golden goose selection.  While most of the geese have flown south for the winter, new ones are landing in 2022 and she is going to give TWO of you YOUR CHOICE of GGDB in YOUR SIZE!  Those are honking great prizes (I'll wait for the laugh, it was funnier in my head). 

And what is Ellifox bringing to the table?!  First, like the winner of the Mimi Seabrook prize, we are going to give one of you the chance to shop every single month of 2022 with a $100 gift card!  Don't have kids?  Don't worry- we are getting ready to debut a new product line!  Here's a hint- if you love entertaining, you're going to be all over this!  And don't forget, we have lots of things that are more giftable and less baby/child, like chappywrap (the best blankets EVER) and Lemel - we will definitely help you spend it!  We are ALSO giving away a few pieces from Charleston based Brackish - a beautiful pair of earrings and a gorgeous cuff (pictured in the giveaway picture).  All in all?  Three chances to win!

Entering is straightforward- head to our instagram, follow the instructions on the giveaway post, but DO NOT FORGET TO HEAD TO THE HOME PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE where a popup will appear so you can enter your email address- THIS is how we are tabulating the entries this time around.

BEWARE OF SCAMS- we will notify the winners via email and will follow up with a post to stories once their username is identified.  The only thing the winner will be asked for is their full name, address, phone number, and instagram user name- you will never get a spammy DM asking you to fill out a form and enter a credit card.  Consider this your warning, these accounts will pop up and they will look "sort of" legit but that message they send you is not.  If you feel like reporting, please do so!

We are grateful for YOU.  Each and every one of you that supports our small businesses.  You help us grow.  You help us employ others.  You help us give back to our communities.  YOU are the reason we are here.  Wishing you and your families a magical holiday season, and may the odds be in your favor for one of these amazing prizes!




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