Lauren Loves - A gifting guide for the jewel lover


It's not a secret- my background in the jewelry business has crept into the shop because we love making memories of all kinds- whether it's helping you look perfect for pictures to finding an over the top push present, consider us your one-stop shop.  PS- Santa Fox loves to do the work for you and text your partners so you don't have to drop the hint!  Just our way of making your life easy.

Before you say, "that's over my budget," fear not- I included items that start at $10.  You can find the jewelry pen, the ultrasonic cleaner (just fill with water and you can also use on your glasses and retainers- I use it on my invisalign retainers every single day!) and the over the top epic coffee table book can be found here.

See that new charm with a birthstones around it and a name in the middle?  We are so excited to welcome Elisa Solomon to our shop!  I love how it's something mom can wear on a chain around her neck (or a charm bracelet like I will do) and then hand it down to the kids one day- it's a true family heirloom!  Each charm is made to order and takes approximately 4 weeks to arrive to you but with the holidays coming, we recommend ordering as soon as possible!.  We also recommend grabbing in case you want to be your own Santa.  Add a custom initial or heart charm to stack on your bracelet or necklace!

That spinner charm in the middle left?!  It's a splurge but worth it- it's basically a magic eight ball in a necklace.  I've taken to using it for daily guidance when I need a question answered (and it's actually been right a few times!)  If this or the birthstone charm strike your fancy, send us a DM on instagram or you can chat us on the site and we would love to answer your questions!  Purchase one of those and you'll be given $266 to spend in shop credit to do some holiday shopping!

These gold bead bracelets are perfect for your wrist stack.  After over a year of constant wearing (including showering), they still look brand new (they are gold-fill rather than plated).  They pair nicely with the custom ones we also offer!  Check out their initial necklaces too- they are a "leave them" sort of piece that you can wear 24/7/365 and that pair well with any neck-mess!

I couldn't do a bling gift guide without including my friends at Croghans.  Hopefully Santa Fox will read this blog post for some hints to put in my stocking.  If he wins the lottery, I would be thrilled with this stunning fire opal ring because it's classic, timeless, and so unique!  The sapphire bangle has a unique feature- it can be hand engraved with a hidden message on the side!  I adore that feature and this is one of those "never take off but to clean" pieces.  And if you've followed me long enough, you know that I love all things Marla Aaron.  I love that you can take her locks and wear them a variety of ways.  A great way to start your collection is with this heart lock - you can then use it interchangeably with the gold bracelet and the silver and gold chain.

One of my latest obsessions is this jewelry stand from Bow & Sprig - so much so that I bought one of my best friend's one for her birthday!  I love all the colors they come in- choosing one was not easy!

That heart ring dish from Susan Gordon Pottery is going to be restocked this friday- set your alarm and sign up for her alerts because they sell out in a flash.  I usually keep a few on hand for a quick gift because they are such a fantastic price point!

I can't do a gift guide without including my friends at Goldbug Collection.  I have been a fan since their inaugural goldbug drops (probably my most complimented piece of jewelry) but this year I think the studs are the perfect feature!  

If we are talking about jewelry staples, then I cannot leave out these Yearly Co huggies.  I never take her bracelets off and adore the owner of the company.  These huggies are a staple in my jewelry box and perfect price point for gifting to someone special!

I remember seeing this mug on instagram and thought to myself that it was precisely something I would buy so I couldn't leave it off my list!

If your bling needs more than an ultrasonic cleaning (I'm talking you kneaded dough), then pick up this amazing cleaner from Tenfold Collective!

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