Rainbows for Riv

In August of 2020,
I received a random message in my others folder on instagram.

That internet stranger became one of my best friends- sweet River Frances Crawford brought us together. And thanks to my former nanny and a stroke of fate that could only be termed as bashert, River Frances now has two little sisters. For the full story, head to  @laurenisafox instagram.

Riv’s parents have set out to help others just like them- those who mourn the loss of their babies born asleep.

And we want to help. And what better way to celebrate her second heavenly birthday than to introduce it today.

Introducing the Rainbows for Riv program. If you've ever stepped foot in our store front or if you've followed along with us over the years, you know how much we love a rainbow. So we thought it only fitting to gather our selection of all things ROYGBIV and donate a portion of each rainbow sale to Forget Me Not Frances- a nonprofit organization created by sweet baby River's parents, Delaney and Seth, which provides support to mothers navigating the loss of a child due to stillbirth or miscarriage. 
You can shop the full rainbow collection HERE!
If you'd like to donate directly or learn more about Forget Me Not Frances, you can visit this link HERE!

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