Stocking Stuffers For Daddy Fox

The amount of messages I've received asking for stocking stuffer suggestions for husbands has prompted me to round up what Pete loves (and may be receiving).  All of these are either fox-tested or will be as of December 26, 2021!

Let's start off with some charcoal body wash  and face cleanser - Pete has used these since they were released a few years ago and loves them (might give you a good excuse to click "add to cart" on something YOU want!)  Every year that we have been together, he's gotten socks - I think a few pairs of these from the shop shall do nicely!  While you're stopping by Ellifox, you might as well grab some candy for him and some wipes that will keep him stain-free on the go!

Pete is a fanatic about keeping his car clean- I keep some of this in my center console so I'm throwing it in his stocking too- will grab up every little bit of dust in the impossible to reach places!

Always prepared for a dead device, we own both this external battery that is the size of a credit card and this one that can be charged on the go as well!

And the head massager...I might have couched that as a "gift" a few months ago with an ulterior motive.  Let's just say we have BOTH enjoyed it!

I thought this pen that's really a multi-use tool, light, and all sorts of other things was so cool- all the uses is crazy and I can see him throwing it in his work bag and using it all the time at work!

And while lots of kids have these on their lists, I keep a squishy in my office for conference calls and just getting the stress out- highly useful (and fun!)

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