Things That Go- A Gift Guide for the Kid Who Loves Wheels

Wheels up, down, or all around- we all know the child who is OBSESSED.  Whether it's a car, truck, airplane, or anything that moves, Mr. Mo is the poster child.  If it has wheels?  It's his.  Just ask his sister and the infamous American Girl Doll Car Christmas Fiasco 2021.

We have SO many wonderful options for the kids who love anything with wheels (and if we don't have it?  We have so many recommendations that we have linked- thanks to Mo, we are experts on this very important subject!)

Looking for all the things that go that fit in a stocking?  From dump trucks to ice cream trucks, UPS, USPS, DHL, jets, and golf carts, you can find them all here. (mini cars).

 FOR THE CHILD WHO COLLECTS- these candylab cars are a wonderful collection to start them on and build on year after year- the quality is fantastic and they are truly heirloom quality!

FOR THE TINY TOTS WHO LOVE WHEELS...These soft pull back cars were given to Elle when she turned a year old and are still a fan favorite in this house.  Perfect for the younger wheel lovers.  These board books come in dump truck, fire truck, garbage truck and are precious for the younger crowd.

If they love to build?  Plus Plus makes some small tubes for vehicles here.

Does your car lover enjoy art?  Keep them busy with these chalkboard placemats that they can enjoy while dinner is prepped.  Or this coloring book!

Do they eat, sleep dream, and want to wear wheels?  These dog car pjs and turtleneck are so cute!  We've linked all of our "transportation clothes" here!

For the construction lover, Mo just got this dump truck for his birthday and flipped.  He is also a big fan of little people toys so this might be coming from Santa (PS- if yours is more into planes, here's the equivalent!

Non-traditional wheels- Mo got this scooter from grandma for his birthday last year and he and Elle argue over who gets to use it- the light up wheels are a hit!

I grabbed this dinosaur truck back in October and plan to make a Santa Splash with it.

If they love monster trucks?  They need these pjs.

I think this transportation backpack is about as adorable as it gets or buy them a blank and let us work our magic with their name and a plane, train, or automobile of your choice (send us a message in our chatbox or on instagram!!

This book about looking inside things that go is perfect for the 4+ age group who is developing curiosity about the way things work.

Do YOU have a favorite that we missed?  I would love to add- send me a message on instagram @laurenisafox!  I am always looking for new ideas!


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