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Bath Sprudels - Six Pack

Bath Sprudels - Six Pack

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Triple Treats! Sprudels create more fun at bath time! The Sprudel fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colors the water. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a cute sponge Bean character. Children can also learn about color mixing by placing 2 primary color Sprudel in the baths at the same time. And mums, they won’t stain your baths (or your children!!)

Single Sprudel offer the purchase of one colour ball at a time. They come in a great hexagonal box!

Sprudel Six Packs contain 6 different colored , each containing a mystery sponge character. Good for 6 individual baths, if used one at a time. Also, learn first-hand about color mixing by putting 2 primary colored Sprudels in your bath at the same time!

it will make your children enjoy their baths times whenever using sprudels also it will not stain your bathroom in the colored sprudels. so your children will enjoy and learn the colors while taking a bath with the six packs sprudels! 

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