mer-mazing tie dye
mer-mazing tie dye

mer-mazing tie dye

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  • Create 15 to-dye-for projects: Use the easy-to-follow instructions to learn how to personalize your clothing with trendy tie-dye designs!
  • Iron-on a mer-mazing design: This set includes an iron-on transfer mermaid design, so you can bring a little extra magic to your tie-dye creation!
  • Mermaid-inspired dyes: mix and match pink, yellow, and blue dyes to create more mer-mazing colors!
  • Simple, easy, fun: just add water, apply dye, set & Dry, then iron-on your mer-mazing design!
  • Works best on 100% cotton: the mer-mazing dyes work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the tie-dye care tips included!
  • Ages 8+

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